Affordable Chicago classical, pop, and jazz piano lessons for adults and children of all experiences!

You are NEVER too old to start learning! You may not be the next Chopin, but with practice and dedication, you will eventually be able to play the mass majority of piano repertoire.


A typical lesson usually consist of:
● 1/3 scales/arpeggios/etudes
● 1/3 repertoire (1-3 pieces)
● 1/3 freestyle: aural training, sightreading, music theory, or anything the student wants

Depending on the skill and interest of the student, this varies, because in the end, music should be fun, not a boring chore. I am classically trained, but I can also help you with jazz, ragtime, and modern pop piano.


In the past 6 years, I have taught students of all ages, ranging from children to seniors. I enjoy sharing my love of music with my students and seeing their improvements taking lessons with me.

A good teacher will help you rapidly improve as long as you're with them, but an excellent teacher will give you the foundations so you can learn and practice efficiently even without them.

My online and in-studio rates are:
$25/30 minutes.
$35/45 minutes.
$40/60 minutes.

Our studio is conveniently located in downtown West Loop close to Union Station.

Contact us below with a short summary of your music experiences (it's fine if you don't have any!), what you hope to get out of these lessons, and we will move on from there. Looking forward to learning with you!

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What is your past experience with music and/or piano? What do you hope to get out of these lessons? What's your availability?